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Tindall is dedicated to delivering innovative precast, prestressed concrete solutions for the industry’s toughest challenges. Since 1963, our passion for performance and innovative spirit have helped us bring over 10,000 projects to life across the U.S. and internationally. Today, as one of North America’s largest precast manufacturers, our experienced team is upholding that tradition of excellence by helping turn design dreams into reality. With decades of engineering expertise to guide us, we’re embracing collaboration like never before, delivering design-build solutions that minimize costs, accelerate schedules, and exceed our customers’ expectations at every turn. When brought to the design-build table early, Tindall can help transform even the most complex concepts into real-world designs. Our expert engineering team is always searching for opportunities to leverage innovative techniques and never-before-seen solutions to take projects to the next level — including T-SLAB, our all-new, 100% precast floor system. Now, we’re ready to collaborate with your team to deliver beyond expectations. Come see how Tindall can help transform your next design-build project.

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