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Autodesk Construction Cloud combines advanced technology, a unique builders network and predictive insights to connect people and data across the entire building lifecycle, from design through operations.

At the center of Autodesk Construction Cloud are best-of-breed construction solutions Assemble, BuildingConnected, BIM 360 and PlanGrid. Autodesk Construction Cloud brings these solutions together, and with Autodesk’s established design authoring tools, connects headquarters, office and field teams to increase collaboration and productivity.

Autodesk Construction Cloud includes deeper integrations between each product to allow data to flow across all stages of construction. It also includes powerful new artificial intelligence functionality that helps construction teams identify and mitigate design risks before problems occur — reducing delays, rework and costs.

Autodesk Construction Cloud includes three core elements that give construction companies a competitive advantage in the industry:

1.     Advanced Technology: Best-in-class software solutions built for simplicity and power — uniting headquarters, office and field teams from design through construction and operations.

2.     Builders Network: The industry’s largest network of owners, designers, builders and trades, enabling each to connect with the right partners and projects.

3.     Predictive Insights: AI-driven analysis of previously siloed project data provides builders with powerful insights to predict outcomes and reduce risk.

“We need to be able to measure ourselves, look to the future and anticipate project risk. This insight is what’s missing today is a key driver in moving the industry forward,” said Jenny Moshea, head of technology at Sellen Construction. “Autodesk Construction Cloud brings together advanced technology—which Autodesk has always been known for—with the network of the building community—which is the core of what we do as an industry—underpinned by predictive insights. This is the next evolution, the connected tissue that brings it all together so the construction lifecycle is no longer disjointed.”

Built with BIM 360’s common data environment (CDE), Autodesk Construction Cloud ensures the whole team is collaborating on an integrated record set.

Autodesk Construction Cloud encompasses the industry’s largest ecosystem of owners, designers, builders and trades, including nearly one million subcontractors who use BuildingConnected. The Builders Network enables owners and builders to connect to the right partners to create the best teams for any project anywhere — reducing risk, decreasing rework and increasing profitability.

Autodesk Construction Cloud encompasses powerful artificial intelligence that helps construction teams identify and mitigate risks before problems occur — helping to reduce delays, rework and cost.

 “Autodesk’s end-to-end system for the entire building lifecycle — from design through to long-term maintenance — is giving us a competitive advantage. Using the advanced technology and predictive insights of Autodesk Construction Cloud, we achieved a 20 percent gain in quality and safety on a high profile project,” said Michael Murphy, digital construction operations manager at BAM Ireland. “Autodesk Construction Cloud is bringing us one step closer to a unified solution with all our data in the same platform, so that information is no longer in a silo or lost. We’re strongly aligned with Autodesk in pursuit of better construction across the globe.”


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